Speaking at Conferences

It is our passion to help businesses thrive through systems, tools, and practices that value all the stakeholders… ownership, employees, customers, and bystanders too.

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting us to speak at your upcoming conference or event. We can train your staff or your industry on practically applicable ways that you can make the most of your digital marketing efforts. With over 20 years of high energy work in the teen camping and outdoor adventure industries, our presentations are both interactive and practical.

Speaking Engagment Topics Include


Balancing Beauty & Function

Finding balance between beauty and function in your website design.

Subjective vs Objective

Tools for objectively evaluating website changes, balanced with subjective gut instincts.

Website Visualization

How does your website actually look to consumers? See what they see, and see how they actually use your website.

Understanding your Audience

Focusing your website on your target audience, not just your boss.

The Customer Journey

Discovering the trends and patterns of your Customer’s purchasing pathway.

AB Testing

Exploring the often-overlooked ways of how you can make small changes to your website that could result in increased sales.

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