Website Design Portfolio: September 2020

Zimanyi Group

Recreate a website to exacting personal specifications and preferences of Professor Zimanyi. Targeting a strongly desktop focused user base.

text logo for the Zimanyi Group
screenshot for the Zimanyi Group's homepage desktop

Project Objectives 

The Client

Zimanyi – Professor of Physics at the University of California at Davis.

Target Audience

Three main audiences – two that primarily use desktop computers versus mobile devices.

  • Scientific researchers reviewing newly submitted research papers.
  • Grant teams evaluating future investments.
  • Potential Grad Students considering who they would like to continue their studies with.

Key Features

  • Easily maintainable by Professor Zimanyi to update the website with new projects and new published papers.
  • A primary focus on desktop visitors while not ostracizing mobile users.
  • Visual aesthetic that is unified with a color and tabular scheme which is also in use by the group for presentations, reports, and grant proposals.
  • Customized footer that ensures every page includes: Contact info, easy search, a simple contact form, and navigational breadcrumbs.

For a live view visit: the Zimanyi Group

screenshot for the Zimanyi Group's homepage mobile

Details and Highlights

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