Website Design Portfolio: September 2015

Rebecca Wendlandt

A custom website for a custom clothing designer. Rebecca Wendlandt creates custom works of wearable art, wedding dresses, and teaches students how to sew their own garments. With a wide diversity of potential customers, this website needed to meet the needs of both desktop users and mobile phone users.
logo for Rebecca Wendlandt
screenshot for Rebecca Wendlandt's homepage via desktop

Project Objectives 

The Client

Rebecca Wendlandt holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Fashion and Textile Design from the University of California at Davis. She creates fanciful works of art and elegant wedding dresses. Her repertoire also includes custom alterations and teaching private sewing lessons.

Target Audience

Customers interested in custom tailored, altered, and created clothing that fits their individually unique body and personality.

Slightly favoring Mobile devices, a significant amount of business is also from more traditional desktop users.

Key Features

  • Providing easy navigation and usability while also bringing the creative nature of Rebecca alive on the screen.
  • Communicate to four main audiences
    • Individuals seeking a custom one of a kind garment.
    • Customers wanting to have an existing garment altered to better fit them or their personality.
    • Students excited about learning how to sew for themself.
    • Artist seeking inspiration or requests for new art pieces.
  • Photo Galleries that would be both informative for visitors, and easy to maintain for an artist.

For a live view visit: Rebecca Wendlandt

screenshot for Rebecca Wendlandt's homepage via mobile

Details and Highlights

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