Website Design Portfolio: January 2020

Pilot Lake Wilderness Camp

Designed and created new website. Pilot Lake is a rustic Christian retreat center located in Northern California. Their primary website audience consist of leaders and individual campers seeking the information they need prior to arriving at the camp.

Logo of Pilot Lake Camp
screenshot of pilot lake's homepage

Project Objectives 

The Client

Pilot Lake is a retreat and conference center located in Northern California. Groups from churches visit for a week or a weekend in this remote location for a time of rest, relaxation, and rejuvination.

Target Audience

Most of their website visitors already know about the camp, and are visiting to book their return trip, or to find important resources to help them plan and prepare for their upcoming trip. 

While there is the goal of attracting new potential customers through their website, their primary method of expansion is through local networks and word of mouth. So the website was designed with a primary focus on providing resources to existing customers, with an apropriate balance of information to help attract new customers as well. 

The primary audience consist primarily of group leaders using their desktop computer.

Key Features

  •  Clean design that helps communicate the restful feeling you would experience at the camp.
  • Simplified Main Menu options that help visitors get the information they need with minimal navigation, and without digging through irrelivant information.
  • Calls To Action on the bottom of every page.
  • Customized footer that ensures every page includes: Contact info, easy search, a simple contact form, and navigational breadcrumbs.

For a live view visit: Pilot Lake Wilderness Camp

screenshot of Pilot Lake's Homepage for Mobile

Details and Highlights

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