Website Design Portfolio: April 2022

Easley Hot Springs

Designed and created new website for Easley Hot Springs in Idaho. In addition to a general store, they have a natural mineral hot spring that feeds a large swimming pool and two soaking hot tubs.  Their website servers to communicate their services as well as to inform people of the great opportunities available while visiting the Sawtooth mountains of Idaho.

Logo for Easley Hot Springs Pool & Store in Idaho
screenshot of Easley Hot Springs page - Homepage Desktop above the fold

Project Objectives 

The Client

Easley Hot Springs loves serving their guests, but they were also fielding an excessive number of phone calls asking about services that they simply didn’t provide. We sought to improve the navigation and improve the presentation of information on their website such that prospective guests could more easily and swiftly find the information they were looking for.

Target Audience

  • People driving through the region, finding them on a quick search for things to do.
  • People planning to visit the region, and planning ahead for recreational and relaxing opportunities.
  • Families looking for a fun and relaxing outing a short drive from Ketchum, Idaho.

Key Features

  • Simplified main menu providing easy access to the primary pages, with additional pages available through a consolidated drop down.
  • Homepage directs visitors to the three main topics/actions that most visitors seek.
  • Included informative textual information on all pages such to both improve communication to prospective visitors, as well as to improve potential search engine optimization.
  • Calls To Action on the bottom of every page, and following content where a CTA would make sense. As well as a CTA above the fold for mobile smartphone visitors.
  • Customized footer that ensures every page includes: Contact info, easy search, and a simple contact form.

For a live view visit: Easley Hot Springs Pool & Store in Idaho

screenshot of Easley Hot Springs page - Homepage Mobile above the fold

Details and Highlights

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