Website Design Portfolio: May 2020

Do Good Shop

Optimized website design to better serve mobile customers, and implemented small ethical nudges to help increase sales. Do Good Shop is a nonprofit store helping to empower survivors of oppression. The target audience is conciencious and seeking to be conscientious in their shopping behaviors. 

Project Objectives 

The Client

With strong in-person sales, Do Good Shop wanted to increase the effectiveness of their online store. We worked together to create incremental experiments to test ways of gently increasing positive shopping outcomes.

Target Audience

Conscientious upper middle income shoppers that tend to start browsing via their phone, but move to their computer to finish the purchase.

Key Features

  • Simplified main menu.
  • Mobile Menu that is comfortably clickable by the thumb or any finger. 
  • Clear Call To Action above the fold.
  • Displaying Online Reviews for Products, and automating systems to ask for new reviews.
  • Related Product suggestions.
  • Simplified Checkout Process
  • Calls To Action on the bottom of every page.

For a live view visit: Do Good Shop

screenshot for The Do Good Shop's homepage above the fold via mobile

Details and Highlights

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