Website Design Portfolio: November 2020

Avid & Co

Transferring a hastily created online store to a more robust sales platform. Helping to strengthen a brick and mortar store, with a strong and viable online presence.
Logo for Avid & Co
screenshot of Avid & Co's homepage desktop view

Project Objectives 

The Client

Hometown local toystore with a downtown physical presence in a college town filled with a wide diversity of professionals.

Target Audience

Parents of young children, and the remote grandparents of those children. 

An even mix of mobile and desktop visitors.

Key Features

  • Communicate the in-person fun and playful environment online while keeping it easy to use, maintain, and navigate.
  • Simplified main menu.
  • Mobile Menu that is comfortably clickable by the thumb or any finger.
  • Clear Call To Action above the fold.
  • Displaying Online Reviews for Products, and automating systems to ask for new reviews.
  • Automatic related product suggestions.
  • Simplified Checkout Process
  • Calls To Action on the bottom of every page.
  • Customized footer that ensures every page includes: Contact info, easy search, a simple contact form, and navigational breadcrumbs.

For a live view visit: Avid & Co

screenshot of Avid & Co's homepage mobile view

Details and Highlights

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