Website Design Portfolio: November 2021

Applegate Dance

Designed and created completely new website for Applegate Dance Studio. Seeking to provide a website experience that is optimized to new prospective students. Target audience includes Parents registering their kids, Teens exploring class options, and Adults signing themselves up for fitness classes.

Logo for Applegate Dance Studio and ADC
screenshot of Applegate Dance Studio's homepage above the fold - desktop

Project Objectives 

The Client

Dance and Fitness studio looking to expand their online presence, and reduce administrative time spent managing reservations and billing. Passionate about visual design and artistry, the site needed to be both aesthetically beautiful, while also functionally beneficial to students and parents.

Target Audience

  • Parents of young kids interested in introducing their youth to dance.
  • Transplant students interested in picking a new dance studio to join after a move.
  • Adults interested in drop-in Dance and Fitness classes for themselves.
  • Company dancers looking to connect and pick their advanced classes.

Key Features

  • Quickly direct each primary audience to subpage that are optimal for them.
  • Expanded information about each of the class offerings, while providing a visually uncluttered overview of what is available.
  • Thoughtful consideration of what visitors want from each page.
  • Calls To Action on the bottom of every page.
  • Customized footer that ensures every page includes: Contact info, easy search, and simple contact form.

For a live view visit: Applegate Dance & Fitness Studio

screenshot of Applegate Dance Studio's homepage above the fold - mobile

Details and Highlights

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