Search Engine Optimization – Review

Get the big picture through an SEO Audit.

Let Mountain Clarity identify the key factors that are most likely impacting your online visibility in organic search rankings. We’ll create a personalized and practical plan for helping you to improve your digital footprint.

Your Key Values

Let’s start by understanding who you are and what makes your business different. By identifying your core values we can focus on who your core target customers are.

Your Customer Personas

All of your customers are different. But by categorizing your target audience into a few manageable personas we’ll be able to better focus on how to best focus on them.

Sales Journey Analysis

What are the sales funnels for your target audiences? How can we ensure that your website provides touchpoints to your target audience along each step of their journey?

Web Conversion Review

How well do your prospective customers convert into happy customers? We’ll take a look at how to best reduce friction points along their journey from discovery to brand ambassador. 

Online Reputation

What review sites do your prospective customers rely upon most? We’ll work with you to identify those sites where a few more honest reviews can have a major impact on future sales.

Search Visibility

How consistently does your brand appear in front of your prospective customers throughout their research and buying journey? What are the search quires that matter most for your business?

Let’s start a conversation to see how we can help you achieve your desired objectives while keeping a positive return on your investments.

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