Passionately Helping Businesses

It is our passion to help businesses thrive through systems, tools, and practices that value all the stakeholders… ownership, employees, customers, and bystanders too.

With over 15 years of digital marketing experience, we bring a customized approach to helping businesses make optimization decisions for their business. Helping businesses to deliver better products, to more satisfied customers. All while keeping a guiding principle that people are people, and should be treated accordingly.

Mountain Clarity offers a threefold targeted approach to helping businesses to thrive.


Standard Consulting

For businesses excited about growing, by seeking out expert advice to help reach new heights.

Hybrid Assistance

Combining consultant advice, alongside hands-on training and high-level marketing services.

Marketing Services

For businesses that know what they want, but need some assistance implementing their plan or vision.

Businesses Are Different

Your business is different! So why would you expect a cookie-cutter product package to adequately meet your unique strengths, weaknesses, and mission?

The preferred method of working with Mountain Clarity is to start with an introductory priced consultation. At the conclusion of your initial consultation, you will be provided with a practical list of actionable steps to improve your business. Plus, you will have a non-obligatory credit available to apply towards hiring Mountain Clarity to help you implement some of those recommendations.

Yes, if you are a well-informed business leader, you can, of course, choose a given service package right off the shelf. But, if you are going to hire an expert to assist you, wouldn’t it make sense to take a moment to have a second opinion about the areas your business will benefit from the greatest return on your investment.

Working Locally Hand in Hand with Your Small Business

Based in Davis California, we are centrally located to serve clients in person across Northern California including in the Sacramento Region and throughout the Bay Area. We can also meet via teleconference for clients that are located future away with projects not requiring a hands-on visual understanding of your systems and teams. Often, local clients looking for marketing and business consulting services near them, find it best to have an initial in-person meeting, followed up with future remote connect meetings. 

For businesses located in the following cities, we can meet you in person for your initial consultation at no charge: Davis, El Macero, Woodland, West Sacramento, and Dixon. For businesses located in the following areas, we can still travel to meet you in person for your initial consultation, but there will be a small travel fee: Natomas, Sacramento, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Roseville, Rocklin, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, Winters, and Vacaville. Regions in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, Bay Area, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa, and Elk Grove can also benefit from in-person consultation, however, it is typically best for us to evaluate our fit beforehand via a quick initial phone call.

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