Marketing & Business Optimization Solutions


We help businesses thrive through systems, tools, and practices that value all the stakeholders… leadership, ownership, employees, community, and customers.

Your New In-House Marketing Team


With over 15 years of digital marketing experience, we bring a customized approach to helping businesses make optimization decisions for their business. Helping you deliver better products to more satisfied customers. All while holding fast to the guiding principle that people are people, and they should be treated accordingly.


You work tirelessly towards making your product and service the best it can be. We assist you with your digital marketing efforts. Working together to increase sales.


Helping you move from Good to Thriving. Our outside perspective can help you optimize your business to rise to new heights, overcome challenges, and to truly thrive!

Camp Specials

We have over 20 years of experience working with Youth Camps and Conference Centers. We look forward to working with you to improve your camp’s online marketing.

SEO Audit

Identify the primary factors impacting your online visibility in organic search rankings. We’ll create a personalized and practical plan for helping you to improve your digital footprint.

Web Design

Create the website your future clients will love. We’ll start by getting to know you and your target customers so that you get a website that is uniquely and specifically yours.

Outfitter Specials

Offering a full suite of digital marketing tools for your digitally unplugged adventures. We’ll work with you to help you connect with new outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

Your Businesses Is Different

Yes, there are some aspects of your company that are similar to other businesses, but when it comes down to it… Your business is unique! So you should expect a marketing plan that treats you as special and different. At Mountain Clarity we custom tailor each service that we offer, to match up with your unique strengths, vision, and mission.

Service with Mountain Clarity begins with an in-depth consultation to help us, and you, to best identify the key aspects of what sets your business apart from all the others. To identify not just your ideal target customer, but to also identify the various product search journeys that they will travel along the way.

Mountain Clarity offers a threefold targeted approach to helping businesses to thrive.


Standard Consulting

For businesses excited about growing, by seeking out expert advice to help reach new heights.

Hybrid Assistance

Combining consultant advice, alongside hands-on training and high-level marketing services.

Marketing Services

For businesses that know what they want, but want expert assistance implementing their plan or vision.

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